Our partners and local and global experiences

Khayyal Alazm Company works with its allied partners as one system, and part not, in order to carry out the legal entity, and to spread the legal goods among them legally, you will not find an obstacle in a hospital with the grace and grace of God.

This is not impossible, not impossible, and not surprising in terms of level; For example, but not limited to:

Membership of international arbitration in the Arab-French Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Membership of the Saudi Judicial Scientific Society (Judiciary).

Membership in the list of arbitrators at the Saudi Ministry of Justice.

Membership in the list of arbitrators at the Makkah International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration.

Membership in the Arab Lawyers Union.

Membership of the International Tribunal for the Settlement of Disputes in England.

Membership of the American Institute of International Commercial Arbitration from New Jersey.

Membership of the New Jersey State Academic Council with all the rights and benefits of this membership.