Khayyal Alazm Law Firm, Documentation And Legal Consultations

where you can find solutions and consultation with an insightful vision and the right goals.

❖ Why us?

Khayyal Alazm Law Firm, Documentation And Legal Consultations  is not a freshly new firm but preferably an alliance of several experienced legal consultants. In short, it is a regional vision with international experience, where an exceptional team of lawyers and consultants with expertise and dedication come together to achieve the desired results for our clients. Our firm was established based on determination, strength, and ambition, and we strive to provide professional and high-quality legal services to meet all the needs of our clients and provide practical legal solutions.

❖ The General Management

The management in Khayyal Al-Azm Law Company and Legal Consultancy is characterized by a consultative and cooperative approach, and by considering the opinions of consultants in various sciences and specialties while avoiding centralization and independence.
Therefore, it excels in the ability to analyze legal problems accurately and think creatively to find effective solutions for clients. It possesses comprehensive knowledge in various fields of law and collaborates with the team to overcome obstacles in the best interest of clients, following a continuous learning approach and the development of legal skills. Its management style is characterized by wisdom, and strategic methodology, and enjoys the trust of clients and lawyers in the legal sector.

Management of Khayyal Al-Azm Law Company

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❖ The Consultants

Our firm is distinguished by a team of experienced consultants with over 25 years of experience in various fields such as commercial, civil, criminal, personal status, labor, and all kinds of maritime, air navigation systems, and civil transaction systems. Our consultants have a profound experience in studying Saudi, foreign, and mixed company contracts, in addition to the ability to provide cooperative consultations and studies that bring together their ideas to achieve the desired goals, serve clients, and meet their demands within a framework of justice, integrity, and transparency in dealings with clients. We strive hard to find solutions and anticipate legal future trends, and we care about our clients by providing the best services with efficiency and effectiveness that exceed their expectations. Our team aims to achieve positive results and ensure the confidentiality of information in all the cases we handle.

Our Vision

We aim to become a leading law firm known for professionalism, dedication, and innovation in providing legal services and achieving effective communication with our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the entire region.

Our Mission

We strive to study transactions based on a consultative methodology through which consultants' ideas combine to serve clients and achieve their demands. We work to strengthen the values of justice, integrity, transparency, and efficiency in all aspects of our work.

Our Goals

1- Provide specialized and innovative legal consultations in various legal fields.
2- Strong commitment to achieving justice and adopting the principles of integrity and transparency.
3- Provide sustainable solutions and positive results for our clients.

4- Enhance trust and satisfaction among clients by providing outstanding services.

❖ Our Values

  • 1- Justice and Achievement of Goals: We always strive to achieve justice in all fields of our work and work hard to meet the desired goals efficiently and competently.

    2- Innovation and Development: We always strive for innovation and development in our work fields and aim to anticipate future legal trends and develop innovative solutions to keep up with future legal challenges.

    3- Client Care: We are committed to providing the best services to clients efficiently and effectively. We work to exceed their expectations and meet their needs using the best available methods and techniques.

❖ Our Services

We offer a wide range of legal services, including:


Documenting agencies, sales, etc


Documentation of debt acknowledgment

Civil transactions and all types of navigation systems.

Drafting regulations of all types.

Preparing objection regulations.

Preparing cassation regulations.

Preparing reconsideration regulations.


Inheritance cases and their settlement.


Administrative cases.

Legal cases.


Criminal cases.


Personal status cases.


Labor cases.

Civil transactions and all types of navigation systems.


Legal assignment and follow-up of the patents of client's rights and protection of all lawful uses.


Copyright and related rights and the registration and protection of trademarks.

Cases of banking, finance, and insurance dispute committees.

Commercial cases.

❖ Licenses and Accreditations


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